Building Division Forms & Applications


  1. Affidavit of Smoke Alarm and Carbon Monoxide Alarm Installation (PDF)
  2. Building Department Closures (PDF)
  3. Building Permit and Development Impact Fees
  4. Building Permit Extension - Plan Check Extension Form (PDF)
  5. Building Permit Refund Request Form (PDF)
  6. City of Imperial Beach Master Fee Schedule (PDF)
  7. Deferred Submittal Certification (PDF)
  8. Example Plot Plan Handout (PDF)
  9. Glass Guardrails and Handrails (PDF)
  10. How to Pay for School Impact Fees Handout
  11. Instructions to apply for a building permit (PDF)
  12. Minimum Construction Specifications (PDF)
  13. Minimum Construction Specifications (Plan Sheet 11 by 17) (PDF)
  14. Minimum Construction Specifications (Plan Sheet 24 by 36) (PDF)
  15. Off-Site Fabrication of Building Components (PDF)
  16. Outdoor Fireplaces Handout (PDF)
  17. Owner Builder Information Form (PDF)
  18. Permit Requirements and Exemptions Handout (PDF)
  19. Photovoltaic Solar (10 Kilowatts or Less) Eligibility Checklist (PDF)
  20. Photovoltaic Solar (10 Kilowatts or Less) Inspection Guide (PDF)
  21. Photovoltaic Solar (10 Kilowatts or Less) Standard Plan - Central - String Inverter (PDF)
  22. Photovoltaic Solar (10 Kilowatts or Less) Standard Plan - Microinverter ACM Systems (PDF)
  23. Photovoltaic Solar (10 Kilowatts or Less) Structural Criteria (PDF)
  24. Photovoltaic Solar (10 Kilowatts or Less) Submittal Requirements (PDF)
  25. Plan Grid Handout (PDF)
  26. PV Minimum Construction Specifications (PDF)
  27. Request for Soils Waiver (PDF)
  28. Residential Plan Requirements Handout (PDF)
  29. San Diego County Hazardous Materials Questionnaire (PDF)
  30. School Fees Certification (PDF)
  31. Self Certification Program (PDF)
  32. Single-Family Plumbing Worksheet (PDF)
  33. Smoke Detectors and Carbon Monoxide Alarm Requirements Handout (PDF)
  34. Substantial Improvement Notice Final (PDF)
  35. Swimming Pool Barrier Fencing Handout (PDF)
  36. Unreasonable Hardship Application (PDF)
  37. Waste Management Plan Form (PDF)
  38. Who May Prepare Plans Handout (PDF)