Sea Level Rise Vulnerability Assessment


The City was awarded a $300,000 Climate Ready grant (Grant Agreement 13-090) by the State Coastal Conservancy (SCC) on January 23, 2014, to conduct a vulnerability assessment and develop adaptation strategies to address the effects that sea-level rise (SLR) could have on coastal resources along the Pacific Ocean shoreline of Imperial Beach. $190,000 of the grant is dedicated to the CoSMoS 3.0 modeling work that is to be done by Dr. Patrick Barnard of the USGS in Santa Cruz. The City hired Revell Coastal and his consultant team to conduct the stakeholder engagement process, the vulnerability assessment, and the development of adaptation strategies.

The City of Imperial Beach was awarded an additional $70,000 Resilience grant from the San Diego Foundation to expand the scope of the study to include informational workshops for City Officials, update our shoreline protection inventory, analyze nuisance flooding, and analyze the economic impacts of sea-level rise.